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All Atwitter about Bowdoin’s Pop-Ups: A Viral Video Sensation in Japan Archives

Word of Bowdoin’s extenstive pop-up book collection, a selection of which is on display in Hawthorne-Longfellow Library, has, well, popped-up all over Twitter, sending thousands of people to watch this video about the exhibition (it got nearly 9,000 hits on one day alone). Inexplicably, the video has been a hit in Japan, and tweets have been coming in from Spain, as well.

Those virtual visitors aren’t alone. “Staff agree this exhibit is attracting more visitors than any we’ve had,” says Bowdoin College Librarian Sherrie Bergman. “People of all ages-entire families, parents with small children, groups of women-have been in. Every time I look up at the second floor or am on that floor, there are visitors to the exhibit.”

One thought on “All Atwitter about Bowdoin’s Pop-Ups: A Viral Video Sensation in Japan

  1. Ellen G. K. Rubin

    This video is a wonderful overview of 20th century pop-ups. The discussion is comprehensive in terms of cultural sources and impact. I invite viewers to watch the videos on the 700 year history of pop-ups given at the American History Museum in Washington DC as part of the exhibit, Fold, Pull, Pop & Turn on until Fall 2011 as well as the video showing the collaboration of the illustrator and paper engineer in making a single spread for a pop-up book. They may be seen at
    Congratulations to Bowdoin for making great use of a sparingly shared genre the public and scholars alike can enjoy.

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