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Photo: Antonio Watson '12

When it comes to displaying Polar Bear pride in a unique way, Chantal Croteau ’12 wins, hands down!

One thought on “Photo: Polar Bears are Tough as Nails (yfrog)

  1. Peter H. Dragonas, M. D.,'59

    Tres COOOOOOL! This creative co-ed has the potential for leading you guys to “The White’s Arctic Habitat.” Do we know any Bowdoin offspring that has visited our Mascot in the past 50 or 6O years? Sounds like a good idea for an ARCTIC SUMMER BOWDOIN INSTITUTE. Maybe I can arrange it through THE MARINE BIOLOGY LAB at Woods Whole; or as a joint venture with WIlLIAMS at MYSTIC. Better yet, President Barry Mills, PhD, has all avenues open to him. Is it time for Bowdoin to make a statement about our LEGACY and our commitment to continue our concern for our endangered friend? A venture such as this will bring Bowdoin into the global limelight. I will be happy to sign on and help to raise the necessary funds. Let me know, there’s a lot of work to be done!

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