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Mills To Lead Bowdoin For At Least Five More Years (Bowdoin Orient) Archives

Amid speculation that he might soon retire after a decade as Bowdoin’s president, Barry Mills has announced his intention to remain at the College for at least five more years. As Mills told The Bowdoin Orient, “I’ve got the best job in America.”

11 thoughts on “Mills To Lead Bowdoin For At Least Five More Years (Bowdoin Orient)

  1. Jeffrey Drummond

    Great news. Barry’s been a great Pres, and it’s terrific to hear he’ll stay! Jeff Drummond

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  3. Bob Delaney '55

    This is very good news. Barry, you have been a huge plus for students and alumni and I welcome your decision

  4. Mike Coster '57

    Great News ,Barry.
    You have been a real credit and asset to Bowdoin.
    THANK YOU !!

    Mike Coster ’57

  5. Pete Mundy '53

    FANTASTIC news! Bowdoin needs your continued leadership. We are proud of what you are doing for Bowdoin and the Community!

  6. Steve Buckley '71

    Thanks for all that you have done and will do for Bowdoin. Is there a President-for-Life option?

  7. Elliott Wright '04

    Congrats, Bowdoin! This is excellent for the Bowdoin community and so may thousands of young students. I remember Barry’s “freshman” year as President. Not unlike his freshman year as an undergraduate, Barry was busy making great things happen on campus.

  8. Jennifer Pollock

    Pres Mills thank you for the vision, dedication and sacrifices. These are tough times on every front. Bowdoin needs leaders of your honesty, courage and skill. This qualifies as good news for the Bowdoin community, students and staff, as well as Brunswick area residents.

  9. Bob Armstrong '71

    Great news for Bowdoin! It is great to know that Bowdoin will be in good hands for at least the next five years.

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