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College 2011: It Could Be a Beast to Get In (The Daily Beast) Archives

America’s top colleges and universities are seeing a record number of applications this year, and we all know what that means: it’s tougher than ever to gain admission to the Harvards and Bowdoins of the world.

The Daily Beast used application and historical admit data to project the likely admission rates for select colleges and universities, numbers that won’t actually be determined for another month. Here are “the Beast’s” admit rate predictions for private liberal arts colleges:

Amherst 12.6%
Pomona 13.3%
Claremont McKenna 14.3%
Swarthmore 14.6%
Bowdoin 15.3%
Williams 17.6%
Middlebury 17.9%
Washington and Lee 19.5%
Vassar 23.1%
Davidson 25.2%