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A Valentine’s Day query on Facebook asked alumni who met their significant others at Bowdoin – how it happened. The result? An outpouring of Bowdoin love:

“I helped move my wife, Kate, into Moore the first day of her freshman year. She was one of my Baxter Buddies.”

“We started dating during a chamber choir tour my junior year. And got married at the Bowdoin chapel with many chamber choir friends present in 2001. We still sing at the chapel every Thursday. Thank you Bowdoin Music Department!”

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2 thoughts on “All About The Love – Bowdoin Style

  1. Leslie Josselyn-Rose

    Met Steve Rose at a frat party on the second floor of Theta Delta Chi in 1976. He didn’t make a great first impression, but he grew on me. Almost 35 years later, including 27 years of marriage, we now have a daughter graduating from Bowdoin and another daughter starting next fall. Bowdoin is a great place to meet life-long friends and (based on the many other comments) potential spouses!

  2. Tom Costin '73

    I am replying a little late; but Valentine’s Day is only one day of 365 days of sharing love. I met Cindy ’73 in September of 1971 and this September we will celebrate 40 years of life together. We married on September 1, 1973 in the Bowdoin Chapel, the first of many alumni who took their vows on campus. We were not the first Bowdoin couple to marry; Beverly (Newcombe) and John Woodcock of the Class of ’72 were the first to exchange vows, Cindy and I followed and about one week after we married, fellow classmates Susan (Fineron) and John Coombs were married. As Alumni, we all share fond memories of Bowdoin. I think of Paul Nyhus as a mentor and friend, of James Bland as a gifted teacher and kind human being, of Charlie Butt as a coach and inspiring role model; of Professor Huntington who shared his passion for birds in the classroom and the open fields from Mere Point to Kent Island and having our son graduate from Bowdoin in ’02; but I think especially of a lifelong romance that developed on campus (along with our education) and, for that, I will be eternally grateful to Bowdoin.

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