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Sean Marsh ’95 on ‘The Liberal Arts Entrepreneur’ (VentureFizz) Archives

Venture capitalist Sean Marsh ’95 holds up his alma mater as an example in observing what “appears to be a substantial correlation between a liberal arts education and becoming a successful entrepreneur.”

Marsh, a co-founder of Point Judith Capital and a member of the Bowdoin College Board of Trustees Information Technology Advisory Committee, mentions several companies and their Bowdoin connections, adding, “A liberal arts education might be the entrepreneur’s education.”

One thought on “Sean Marsh ’95 on ‘The Liberal Arts Entrepreneur’ (VentureFizz)

  1. Ted Fuller

    Sean: Thanks for sharing. Serving the Common Good seems to resonate here. I have started two companies that probably do not show up on your radar screen as they are small. The point being liberal arts graduates seem to be open to new ideas and have a vision that others lack. My guess is that there are lots more of us out there Ted Fuller President of Fuller Communications.

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