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Photo Album: A Union of Quilts Archives

Bowdoin’s David Saul Smith Union is a very colorful place these days, with a display of quilts and other art by a group of ten local women – including Suzanne Neveux ’80 and Christina Cromwell P ’98 – who have been creating quilts and fiber art together for 15 years at Wits End in Brunswick. The exhibition, titled “Women at Wits End,” includes traditional and art quilts, knitting, felting, beading, pottery, and glass fusing. It runs through the month of January at the Smith Union and in Moulton Union’s Lancaster Lounge. (Photos © Dennis Griggs/ Tannery Hill Studios; Suzanne Neveux)

7 thoughts on “Photo Album: A Union of Quilts

  1. Suzanne Neveux'80

    Yes! a number of the quilts are indeed for sale.
    Each quilt has an info card with quilter’s name, background story (every quilt has a story), and whether or not it is for sale. You’ll need to come in and see the show to know.

  2. Diana Fiske - parent '13

    We had the opportunity to see these in the Union when we came to Bowdoin to pick up our daughter for break. They were so beautiful hanging there in that space. We loved seeing them. Thank you!

  3. Jim Vander Noot

    Wonderful! I’m hoping that the Union will be open on Wed when I’m driving south. Not familiar with Wits End. Are y’all also part of Kaleidoscope Quilters?

  4. Jim Vander Noot '74

    This was a very pleasant stop on my way from St. George/Thomaston back to Philadelphia. What a prolific group! I enjoyed the Salsa quilt, but spent most of my time with the more exploratory pieces in the small room – the landscapes, round robin, etc. Also enjoyed “My Daughter’s Eyes.”

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