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New Bowdoin Museum Curator Enthralled With Collection Archives

Anyone would envy Joachim Homann his first weeks on the job. The Bowdoin College Museum of Art’s new curator has spent whole days in what he likes to call “time travel” – among the nearly 18,000 objects in the Museum’s collection. His colorful curatorial debut, Modernism at Bowdoin: American Paintings, 1900-1940, is currently on exhibition in the Boyd Gallery.

2 thoughts on “New Bowdoin Museum Curator Enthralled With Collection

  1. Peter H. Dragonas, M. D.,'59

    Congratulations on the occasion of continuing the role of
    Protecting Bowdoin,s “Family Jewels”. I hope all the friends
    and family will support your mission by adding their treasures
    to the WALKER. We must not forget the Family gifts from James Bowdoin’s Son
    Best wishesn,PHDragonas’59.

  2. Jennifer Pollock

    I was one of the lucky ones who enjoyed a visit to the exhibit with a small group lead by curator Joachim Homann. He was engaging and informative. He constantly communicated with us as both a teacher and student, an expert and an explorer. The upcoming exhibits of religious/biblical comics & alabaster, the Chinese bronzes and the Maine exhibit, all sound facinating. I wish I could fly to see everyone.

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