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Video: Bowdoin’s Bridge to Kids Mentoring Program Archives

Bowdoin’s Bridge to Kids Mentoring Programs, coordinated through the Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good, bring together student leaders who are dedicated to developing positive relationships with youth in the Brunswick area. More about Bridge to Kids Mentoring Programs here.

One thought on “Video: Bowdoin’s Bridge to Kids Mentoring Program

  1. Amy (Cooper) Rodriguez

    I just wanted to say what a great program Bowdoin has. I met my Brunswick “Little Sister” when she was five in 1990. She is now 25, and we are still in touch. Although she is in Maine, and I am in Massachusetts, we email and send cards and try to see each otehr at least once a year. We went to her graduation. She came to our wedding. She knows my kids. It has been an amazing experience. Thanks for keeping up with the programs!

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