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NY Times Columnist Lauds the Writing of Beth Kowitt ’07 Archives

Fortune magazine reporter (and former Bowdoin Orient editor) Beth Kowitt ’07 has been awarded a “Sidney” by New York Times columnist David Brooks-an award he presents annually for the best magazine essays of the year. Brooks calls Kowitt’s August piece on the grocery store chain, Trader Joe’s, “eye-popping.” Kowitt, who joined Fortune immediately after graduating from Columbia Journalism School, was also the subject of a profile in the most recent issue of Bowdoin magazine.

One thought on “NY Times Columnist Lauds the Writing of Beth Kowitt ’07

  1. andy serwer

    Beth’s Trader Joe’s cover story won Best of 2010 in the Business category by
    Very nice company Beth is keeping…some wonderful pieces there and it’s great Beth’s story gets the credit it deserves. We are very proud of her here at Fortune!

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