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Mixing Just the Right Holiday Cheer (New York Times) Archives

From the old classics to new concoctions, there are libations for every occasion. The New York Times‘ Dining & Wine section offers drinks – and the recipes – for every type of holiday party.

2 thoughts on “Mixing Just the Right Holiday Cheer (New York Times)

  1. Missy Holland

    Given the concerns about alcohol abuse on campus, this seem like a particularly unfortunate post on the college website.

  2. James Anderson '10

    And because of this abuse we should be worried about… eggnog? This seems silly. Isn’t it a good thing to treat liquor as a mixable spirit and not just a quick way to get drunk? In my experience the sooner a student discovers how good cocktails can be, the sooner he quits ripping shots of Orloff and invests in a shaker. Well done Daily Sun!

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