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Gift of Inuit Art Raising the Profile of Bowdoin’s Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum (Portland Press Herald) Archives

Robert and Judith Toll’s recent gift of Inuit art is drawing a whole lot of visitors to Bowdoin’s Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, and today, it grabs the attention of the Portland Press Herald’s Bob Keyes.

2 thoughts on “Gift of Inuit Art Raising the Profile of Bowdoin’s Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum (Portland Press Herald)

  1. Peter H. Dragonas, M. D.,'59

    The gift of Inuit art brings with it a loud and clear mandate to Bowdoin. It is time for our visionary President Mills to add another layer to the Perry-MacMillan Legacy: the addition of an “Institute” of graduate level scholarship. I and many others feel Bowdoin is the place and has the ability to secure a responsible seat at the table of “ENVIROMENTAL and BIOLOGICAL RESPONSIBILTY”. 1. The Polar Bear Study and Protection of this extraordinary creature facing extinction. 2. The Environment, Physical and Biologically as it affects the Northern Hemisphere. 3. The SocioAnthropology of the Inuits and other Polar Peoples. 4. The natural resources of the Region and Responsibily for Preservation and Use without altering the natural environment. 5 The Effect of Commercial Maritime activity. AND then some. We lost our Medical School at Bowdoin only to see the rize of Healthcare academics elsewhere in Maine. I believe that a great institution remains great by the challenges brought about by there success. It is clear to me that Perry and MacMillan did not challenge their precious life to be merely eulogized. The resources exit for much less noble causes. Best Wishes, Peter H. Dragonas, M D. NYC. 917-783-0100

  2. John Isaacs '68

    I have been putting together a small collection of Inuit carvings for some years now. Even at the inexpensive level at which I collect, it seems to me as if each and every one of them has something like a living soul. I am so proud (as I often am) of Bowdoin for doing this. Can’t wait to get to Brunswick to see it.

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