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Election 2010: The Maine Reaction Archives

Maine voters have spoken; in a five-way governor’s race, Republican Paul LePage has won the Blaine House (read Bangor Daily News coverage with insight from Associate Professor of Government Michael Franz) with 38 percent of the vote – just one leg of the GOP trifecta that saw the Republican takeover of the governor’s office, Maine House of Representatives and State Senate.

Meanwhile, Maine’s two U.S. Representatives, Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud – both Democrats – held onto their seats, but become part of the new minority when the reconstituted House convenes for the first time in January.

3 thoughts on “Election 2010: The Maine Reaction

  1. Mark Lesser

    The woods folk of Maine have decided that either they agree with or don’t care about the following opinions:
    1) The concept of man-made global warming is a hoax.
    2) Evolution should not be taught in schools.
    3) Avoiding taxes by making false statements is fine.
    4) Cutting education funding to increase classroom size is fine.
    5) Building a nuclear power plant right next to Bowdoin College in Brunswick is desirable.
    6) Avoiding debates and reporters is acceptable.
    7) Cutting state spending and taxation, even though it means pushing the tax burden onto local governments and thus increasing property taxes, is the way to go.

  2. Margaret belmonte

    The folks of Maine clearly have come to their senses regarding
    1.Holding their politicians accountable
    2.Fiscal responsibility at state and federal level
    3. No one voice is more important than another

  3. Mark Lesser

    Response to Ms. Belmonte: Problem is that the new governor has offered no rational solutions to any of the problems the state faces. List them if you can. Cutting and slashing state spending is not the same as cutting expenses in a business. Cutting at state level has social ramifications. Besides, it is all a sham: costs will just be pushed down to the local level. Maine is not a business, and it can not be run that way. Nothing LePlague has offered indicates “fiscal responsibility”, and I would ask for specific evidence. Too much Tea Party vagueness in your response. Hold your self responsible. The “folks’ of Maine, when faced with the complexities of society, have thrown up their hands and shut their eyes….and let the Koch Brothers take over. It may feel good to “throw the bums out”, but reversion to the neanderthal will have consequences.

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