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Pamela Herbert ’90 among Pan Am Flight 103 Victims Honored during Remembrance Week Archives

Pamela Herbert ’90, a junior studying abroad through a Syracuse University program, was among 270 people-including 35 SU students and Bowdoin alumnus Nicholas Bright ’79-killed in the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Herbert is among the victims associated with Syracuse being honored during SU’s Remembrance Week.

Sarah Thorp Khetani, of the Bowdoin College Class of 1989, wrote the following for inclusion in a Remembrance Week memorial ceremony.

What a delight to remember our dear friend Pam, with her twinkling eyes and big bright infectious smile! I can’t help but smile just thinking of Pam, whom I knew both at Cranbrook/Kingswood School in Michigan and then at Bowdoin College. She was so easy going and full of fun, and we all miss that big wide grin and loud laugh so much still, now, and we need it more in our lives every day.

Pam was a year behind me at Kingswood School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and at Bowdoin, and in both places everyone loved her. She was recognized for her hard work, citizenship, deep faith, and service to others. At such a young age, she was living life to its fullest and balancing a heavy load academically with volunteer commitments, and was still able to lift her head out of the trees and see what was important-to be a loving and devoted friend and to have fun. She was full of spirit. She was a shining star.

Pam set the bar high for classmates to follow at Bowdoin. How many students at Bowdoin do we know who would get up early on a Sunday morning and take most of the day to drive to and from a church where she had become an active, contributing member of a congregation, only to return and get her homework done, perform well academically, manage all of her extracurricular commitments, and still make it a priority to be at a classmate’s birthday party to celebrate? She was an old soul in a young body, balancing it all with a smile.

Today, twenty years later, we miss Pam, but we know how she would respond: she would comfort us and tell us that we had to believe in God and that she was really still with us, every day, in spirit.

Sarah Thorp Khetani
Bowdoin College Class of 1989