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Podcast: Prof. Steve Cerf Brings Home the Devastation of Holocaust Archives

Professor of German Steven Cerf delivers a highly moving Common Hour Lecture titled, “Hearing My Grandparents’ Voices: Their Letters Before Deportation,” which traces his grandparents’ failed attempts to escape Nazi Germany in the years before their transport to a death camp. Listen to the podcast.

Cerf, who has taught at Bowdoin for 40 years, has studied and taught Holocaust-related topics for many years. His publications on the Holocaust include a co-edited annotated edition of Richard von Weizsäcker’s Eighth of May Speech, extended encyclopedic essays on Holocaust-related imaginative writers, a pedagogical article on the teaching of the Holocaust, and sundry book reviews.

His talk is dedicated to the memory of his parents, Hans and Kate Cerf.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Prof. Steve Cerf Brings Home the Devastation of Holocaust

  1. Niland

    Thank you for posting Professor Cerf’s moving, important talk. It’s been a true honor to know Steve for his entire forty year career at Bowdoin and count him among my Bowdoin friends. My youngest son Adam, a junior at the college this year, took Steve’s Holocaust course his freshman year continuing our family’s friendship with Steve.
    He is one of Bowdoin’s wonderful gems.

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