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Can the Portland Waterfront Accommodate an Aircraft Carrier? (NY Times) Archives

Portland, Maine, and the state of Rhode Island are competing to provide a new home to the USS John F. Kennedy, a decommissioned  aircraft carrier that’s 1,050 feet long and 267 feet wide at the flight deck. Some fear that the ship, christened in 1969 by 9-year-old Caroline Kennedy, is way too big for the Portland waterfront.

2 thoughts on “Can the Portland Waterfront Accommodate an Aircraft Carrier? (NY Times)

  1. Martin Gray (1959)

    As someone who played a small role in bringing the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum to NYC, I would encourage Portland, ME to pursue this project. Next to the Metropolitan Museum, the Intrepid is the second most popular tourist attraction in New York, and while somewhat larger then the Intrepid, the USS John F. Kennedy could be accommodated on the Portland waterfront. Housing the JFK is not without challenges and costs to Portland, but, at the end of the day, it wold prove to be a huge economic stimulus and a major tourist attraction creating jobs, development and excitement for the city.

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