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Bowdoin’s Endowment Tops $753 Million Archives

© Blind Dog Photos, IncBowdoin’s endowment rose above $753 million this past year, with a return on investments of 10.3% for the fiscal year year ending June 30, 2010. Approximately 45% of Bowdoin’s endowment is restricted to the support of financial aid, and the endowment funded nearly 70% of the College’s financial aid budget in fiscal year 2009-10.

2 thoughts on “Bowdoin’s Endowment Tops $753 Million

  1. Daniel Lee

    As per President Mills’ remarks, most agree that the cost of college is skyrocketing out of control. It would be refreshing to see Bowdoin use some of these funds to 1. either curtail or eliminate tuition increases for a few years and/or 2. significantly increase family income limits for financial aid. This would help families “on the bubble” – those whose income and modest savings just miss the cutoff for financial aid but for whom college expenses still represent a tremendous burden. Total cost to Bowdoin to implement some or all of the above suggestions would probably not exceed 10 million, barely 1% of the total endowment!

  2. Howard Page

    Washington University in St. Louis has a PEP Program (Partners in Education with Parents) for financial aid help.

    It uses endowment funds to make loans to parents (up to 10 year repayment) so there are no origination fees, no security or collateral and you can sign up for all four years and get tuition costs fixed. Has Bowdoin looked at a similar use of its endowment funds?

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