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Today we unveil a new look for the Bowdoin Daily Sun (BDS) designed to improve readability and the organization of information. In the coming weeks, as the Polar Bears return to action, the BDS scoreboard will reappear on the page, along with the full schedule of sporting events. And beginning this week, the BDS returns to a full seven-day schedule, so look for us on Saturday and Sunday too.

We hope you like the new look. As always, we welcome your comments, feedback, and suggestions for improving the Bowdoin Daily Sun, and don’t forget, you can also follow the BDS on Facebook, Twitter, or by RSS.

3 thoughts on “The Bowdoin Daily Sun Gets a Facelift

  1. chuck dyer '59

    The Daily Sun is an excellent and interesting publication..Iread at least two of the selections every day. Keep it up!

  2. chuck dyer '59

    Dear Bowdoin, my short comments on the Sun were sincere but hardly excessive or radical, hence my question about the need for moderation! CGDyer

  3. Tony Antolini '63

    It would be interesting to learn how you choose what goes into BDS and how many people it takes to select the materials. I’m hooked!

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