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Ivy League Grads Crossing Over Wall Street To Teach (Wall Street Journal) Archives

Support for Teach For America is growing and recruiters are scoping out the brightest at top Ivy League schools. This new cadre of young leaders is raising some shackles as well as test scores, as America continues to struggle with education reform.

One thought on “Ivy League Grads Crossing Over Wall Street To Teach (Wall Street Journal)

  1. Tamara Witzl

    Teaching, one of the most challenging professions, needs much more than ” an intensive 6 weeks preparation” and throw them into the classroom approach to educating our students. The supposedly talented students in TFA should join one of the numberous high quality teacher education programs offered across the country and really equip themselves for the very difficult and great work educators must do. This article failed to mention the horrrible teacher retention rate TFA doesn’t boast about and test scores are easy rigged to get the data we seem to desperately seek to prove our worth and get funding. FTA- what a horrible investment in all the wrong places. Those who are serious about educating the future need to take the time and put forth the energy neccessary to make their committment to education with eyes, hearts and minds wide open. TFA is well over rated, over funded and tentative at best. Education is not something you jump into right out of college because it looks like a good opportunity. This is not the education “fix” Ms. Wendy is credited for providing. AFT is a cop out on the very difficult inequalities we face in education and the fallout from years of making little committment to high quality education for all, no matter what. We can do much better than TFA and many of the teacher education programs across the country are doing it. Feature them in your journal if you want evidence of programs and teachers who are really making an impact. Enough of TFA. Let’s do the real work we know is needed to improve teaching and learning. When we decide to address this issue, we will make the difference our students, society and world need to move forward in educating the future. In the mean time, TFA and those who support them directly and indirectly, continue to promote low quality teaching and learning standards for the profession as well as hit or miss solutions. We know what works and what is needed to provide quality education for all. Let’s make a committment to doing it.

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