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Bowdoin Faculty Rate Best Feeds For Body And Mind Archives

Where do Bowdoin faculty turn to feed their minds-and stomachs? You may be surprised. Read about some of their favorite Web feeds and top local food spots:

Susan E. Bell

Susan Bell, A. Myrick Freeman Professor of Social Sciences

Web feed: I’m connected to two daily posts: one is Our Bodies, Ourselves, and the other is from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Both are in the area of study of health and women’s health and have wide, deep and vast Web sites, but they also provide me with little tidbits daily.

Restaurant fav: My favorite place in Maine is Holbrooks in Cundy’s Harbor, a lobster-in-the-rough place at the end of the road in a working harbor. It’s simple food in a spectacular setting. Customers sit at picnic tables at the dock; the last time I ate there somebody brought in a tuna that was longer than I am tall.

Stephen G. Perkinson

Stephen Perkinson, Associate Professor of Art

Web feed: The one that I use most is Art Daily. It’s an amazing clearinghouse of things going on in the arts, from serious to simple. It keeps track of the art market, exhibitions, interesting tales of looted art … an incredibly wide range of topics. It was cool to see that they took note of the upcoming (July 24) opening of a show at the Portland Museum of Art by Anna Hepler, who taught at Bowdoin.

Restaurant Fav: My favorite restaurant in the world is Hugo’s in Portland. I love the combination of really inventive, serious food. The chef is thinking really hard about what flavors work together, about the sequence of courses, but that is combined with a typically relaxed Portland atmosphere.

Ronald L. Christensen

Ronald Christensen, James Stacy Coles Professor of Natural Sciences

Web feed: I look forward to David Pogue’s Thursday columns on technology in The New York Times. I also look at the site for Science magazine, which has articles on science policy, research and education around the world. Many of the reports on research are accompanied by short perspectives on the significance of the work and its potential impact.

Restaurant fav: I like the Robinhood Meeting House in Georgetown,  which has great food and atmosphere. Try the scallop dishes. Benkay in Portland is good for sushi and miso soup. I spent time in Japan in the early 90s and a trip to Benkay always brings back good memories.

David Hecht

David Hecht, Assistant Professor of History

Web feed: I visit Five Thirty-Eight. It’s good political analysis without a lot of hype. I find it’s more rigorous than other sites. It’s certainly more to the liberal side of things, but it’s not focused on advocating one position or another.

Restaurant fav: I like Frontier Cafe in Brunswick. Good food and it’s a great space.

Elizabeth A. Pritchard

Elizabeth Pritchard, Associate Professor of Religion

Web feed: The Immanent Frame is a site I can get behind. It’s a blog with discussions about secularism, religion, modern life, cultural conflict. It’s mostly by academics but there are contributors who are independents. They have book reviews, chats, follow-ups on conferences. It’s meaty, but accessible.

Restaurant Fav: The Dophin Marina and Restaurant is a nice spot; my kids like to go down there. The lobster stew always comes with a homemade blueberry muffin, which is lovely. They also have bacon-wrapped scallops and crab cakes, but of course one child always goes with the grilled cheese.

Dale Syphers

Dale Syphers, Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Web feed: I check into the U.S. Masters Swimming Web site. I do masters swimming and they have forums and all kinds of interesting information on workouts and such. I contemplate whether I want to complete an open water swim yet or if I’m just too shy of wet suits.

Restaurant fav: Brunswick is laden with unbelievable places. Two of my tops are El Camino, and Bacari. My favorite dish at Bacari right now? I’m in love with their cold cucumber soup. Then the scallops with the summer succotash.

Marilyn Reizbaum

Marilyn Reizbaum, Professor of English

Web feed: I regularly consult Haaretz, it’s to my mind the best Hebrew language daily newspaper in Israel, and they have an English version online too. I just like to tap in to see what’s going on in that part of the world and it’s a good source.

Restaurant fav: Fore Street and five fifty-five in Portland are my favorite restaurants. Five fifty-five is especially pleasant and there is a real distinction between the bar and the restaurant. There are white tablecloths in the dining room, and a more informal, pleasant atmosphere in the bar. I don’t go very often, but that’s where I go if I want a great meal.

One thought on “Bowdoin Faculty Rate Best Feeds For Body And Mind

  1. Calanthe Wilson-Pant

    I get to keep up with a broad range of medical research at the cutting edge. It’s a daily selection of journal articles and what’s up in pharmaceutical research.

    Local restaurants: my favoritez in Montana are
    Mabel’s Nouvelle Mexican in Laurel–Mexican stir fries, served with rice and the best refried beans I’ve ever eaten. For a caloric splurge I like the Fraiche. I talked Joel, Mabel’s husband, out of the recipe so it’s now my company dish.
    Goode’s Cajun Grill in Great Falls—first bite of jambalaya, I was back in the French Quarter.
    Grizzly Bear Bar in Roscoe (outside Billings)–good basic steak, and trout, plus it is in this dinky, little town near the Beartooths, so it’s an adventure to get there.
    The Babb Bar in Babb (just outside Glacier National Park near the Many Glacier Lodge)On the Blackfeet Reservation, this used to be the roughest bar in the state, then was redone into a lodge type steakhouse with up to a 20 oz steak–but it was the little touches I enjoyed, like my waiter’s black eye. Old Montana meets New Montana.

    Thanks for your suggestions for my next trip to Maine–Hope you come visit Montana sometime soon!

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