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Bowdoin Geneticist Pioneers DNA Research On Mites Archives

Associate Professor of Biology Michael Palopoli is the first researcher to sequence the DNA of follicle mites, tiny parasites that live in our pores. Early findings suggest we may inherit these creepy critters from our mothers.

One thought on “Bowdoin Geneticist Pioneers DNA Research On Mites

  1. Frank Mahncke '60

    Having raised the issue of including more of Bowdoin’s science work in the Sun with President Mills at reunion a fortnight back (in Kanbar Auditorium), I was very pleased to see the piece on Prof Palapoli’s work. His work is significant and the piece well written even for old alumni readers!

    The sidebar on Bowdoin Academic Spotlight had three more exciting pieces – sea urchins, glaciers and the Arctic. As a fellow who once did a bit of photography in the Antarctic (poles apart) and Greenland, I was fascinated by the preservation work on those old films.

    Thank you —

    Frank Mahncke ’60

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