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Photo: Ivies Panorama Archives

Okay, we took it with an iPhone, so it isn’t perfect. But this was the view Saturday afternoon from the Whittier Field grandstand as students gathered for the Ivies Weekend concert, featuring the student band Eleven, plus Passion Pit, The Cool Kids, and Reel Big Fish. That’s the stage on the far right (click on the photo for a closer look).

One thought on “Photo: Ivies Panorama

  1. Wayne L. Hall

    Examining the “Photo: Ivies Panorama” in the Bowdoin Daily Sun, I noticed the young woman wearing a green blouse to the right center of the picture is in the photo three times. A young man wearing a number “5” on his shirt farther to the right is in the picture at least twice. There is more “wrong” in this picture than using just an iPhone.

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