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An Ivy-Covered Supreme Court? (NPR) Archives

Should Elena Kagan be confirmed, it would make for a Supreme Court comprising justices who all attended law school at either Harvard or Yale. Should a diploma from one of the top two law schools in the U.S. be a high court prerequisite?

2 thoughts on “An Ivy-Covered Supreme Court? (NPR)

  1. Barbara Raymond (Friends of Bowdoin)

    Certainly not. Those two law schools are not necessarily better than many others. It’s the quality of reasoning that counts.

  2. Martin Gray (1959)

    It’s disturbing and an example of the elitism that permeates much of the thinking in Washington, DC.

    The folks in “fly over country” see this as another disconnect between them and a dysfunctional Federal government.

    It’s a great example of what feeds the Tea Party movement in the United States.

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