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2010 Honors Day Ceremony Recognizes Bowdoin’s Best Archives

Academic and extracurricular excellence are publicly recognized at the College’s 14th annual Honors Day ceremony.

One thought on “2010 Honors Day Ceremony Recognizes Bowdoin’s Best

  1. Isaac

    Bowdoin’s best? I find this title highly inappropriate, as it suggests that those ‘best’ as Bowdoin are those who achieve excellence in the classroom or extracurricularly. Are the ‘best’ at Bowdoin really best represented in terms of grades, Honors projects, or scholarships? These people are certainly worthy of due recognition for their hard work and cultivated talents (and definitely are ‘best’ in very specific ways), but as a non-attendee I feel slighted. Despite my every intention to make a liberal arts education my own (and with great success), I am relegated to the implied ‘not-Best’. Lame.

    I would suggest: ‘…Recognizes Outstanding Achievement’.

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