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Video: WWII Hero Andrew Haldane ’41 to be Featured Sunday on HBO Archives

U.S. Marine Corps Captain Andrew Haldane, a member of the Bowdoin Class of 1941 and captain of the Bowdoin football team, will be featured for three consecutive weeks beginning Sunday in Part 5 (“Into the Abyss”) of HBO’s miniseries, “The Pacific.” Known by his men for his character, courage, and spirited leadership, Haldane was killed in action on Peleliu Island in 1944. Bowdoin’s Haldane Cup is awarded to a member of the senior class who has outstanding qualities of leadership and character. This video, provided by HBO President of Miniseries Kary Antholis ’84, provides clips from all three upcoming episodes and explains why Haldane was one of a kind.

4 thoughts on “Video: WWII Hero Andrew Haldane ’41 to be Featured Sunday on HBO

  1. XX

    Keep the politics off this page. A great hero to all who knew him. This man fought for and out in front of his men and died for it. All honor to him.

  2. Ian

    Yeah, a different time- when hero’s really did exist, a sad loss to the world indeed. With so many good souls lost during that war, makes you wonder how the world would of been with them all in it still. 🙁

  3. Michael Beggs

    Ian, heroes still exist; you just don’t hear about them any more. Any idea how many Marines were killed, wounded, or awarded medals for heroism in Iraq or Afghanistan? I was a Marine officer in Vietnam, in the same battalion in which Andrew Haldane served. I was not a hero, but I served with a lot of them. But for reasons known only unto themselves, the press in America today does not find heroism in war to be newsworthy. We’ve never been without heroes, Ian; doubt if we ever will be.

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