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Bowdoin trustee Alvin Hall ’74 is the host of a new weekly television series on the BBC that highlights the work of eight senior social entrepreneurs around the globe. In “Alvin’s Guide to Good Business,Hall visits a different social entrepreneur each week, examines their business model, and offers advice for success. Six months later, he returns to see how they’ve done. Here’s a look at a recent broadcast:

4 thoughts on “Alvin Hall ’74 Helping Others Serve the Common Good

  1. Doug Lyons


    Nice concept on the social entrepreneur. Keep up the good work, although there’s probably another TV show on finding that second career. You made the transition from Wall Street to TV very well.

    Class of 73

  2. alan titus

    Alvin, congratulations. Great innovation. Miss you at Board mtgs. Let me know when you will be in Bermuda. Alan

  3. Bob Corey '68

    Always taking credit when I am able, I believe I was the first person who every mentioned Bowdoin to you. Tallahassee, FL, spring or summer of 1970…..I was in Grad School at FSU, Lonnie was teaching the gifted program which you attended. I visited the Walker Art Museum a year or two ago and saw a relatively large display of “A” s. Impressive.
    I’m extremely pleased that you are doing so well. Drop an email if you ever find a spare moment.

    Bob Corey

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