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Haldane’s Spirit Lives On in HBO’s ‘The Pacific’ (Maine Sunday Telegram) Archives

The World War II heroics of Andrew Haldane, a member of the Bowdoin College Class of 1941, are part of “The Pacific,” the HBO miniseries debuting Sunday, and the subject of a Maine Sunday Telegram column.

One thought on “Haldane’s Spirit Lives On in HBO’s ‘The Pacific’ (Maine Sunday Telegram)

  1. tiger tim

    —On this, the once again ‘mysteriously overlooked’ 60th Anniversary
    of the epically relevant Korean War —Hollywood’s rolling out yet another
    seen-to-death, anachronistic, PC WWII retread. A nifty moral alibi
    for an industry that’s made BILLIONS upon BILLIONS these past decades
    outsourcing cheap labor, and unflinchingly catering to the franhise-slum
    denial needs of history’s –MOST– awesomely genocidal regime —ACROSS
    the Pacific ( 70 million downed in ‘peacetime —decades AFTER WWII -unoutted
    and utterly unanswered for -FACT- ).

    Even as we’re trying to enjoy the set-up —a South Korean navy ship is
    blown up in international waters in the China Sea -near the Korean coast
    —killing 45 on board.

    The story was very marginally and deceptively reported, when it was reported
    at all, in our Red China suck-up ‘press’. It’s dropped altogether within
    a single day —even as authorities are now telling us it’s looking ‘likely’
    that it was, in fact, a torpedo!

    The Korean War –‘staggeringly’ relevant, —and STILL unfolding…

    NOW, back to your smoke n’ mirrors WWII side show entertainments.

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