‘Connections That are True’: An In-Class Interview with Poet Mayra Santos-Febres

The Puerto Rican author, poet, novelist, professor of literature, essayist, and literary critic discussed life in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and the new civil society emerging.

Students Hold Disaster Relief Concerts, Other Fundraising Events

Students involved in fundraising efforts to help people struggling to recover from the recent spate of natural disasters have organized several campus events, including concerts, tea sales, and (non-alcoholic) piña colada study breaks.

Gratefully Empowered: Students Show Appreciation for Dining and Security Efforts Amid ‘Bowdoin Blackout’

To show their appreciation for efforts by Dining Services and the Office of Safety and Security during the “Bowdoin Blackout,” hundreds of students signed giant thank you posters.

An Evening in Providence with Clayton Rose

Over 60 alumni, parents and friends of Bowdoin braved a windy and rainy night in Providence to gather at the Providence Art Club for a reception with President Clayton Rose.

‘The Threepenny Opera’ and the Continuing Relevance of Bertolt Brecht

Theater professor Davis Robinson is directing the student production of this twentieth-century musical and theatrical classic. Even though this was written in 1928, says Davis, Bertolt Brecht’s ideas remain relevant today.

Hari Kondabalu’s Apu Documentary Highlights Racial Stereotyping

A documentary film by comedian Hari Kondabul ’04 explores how one of the world’s most popular television shows has helped stereotype south Asian people.

Going to War: Bowdoin’s Rudalevige on How AUMF Could Be Updated

The problem is figuring out exactly what a new AUMF would look like. “Some in Congress want to simply empower the president. Others want to limit his autonomy,” writes Rudalevige in The Washington Post.

Serving the Common Good in the Bay Area!

Bay Area Polar Bears gathered for a day of service at Tandem: Partners in Early Education.