Bowdoin Ranks High for Number of Fulbright Students

In the 2017-2018 academic year, 20 Bowdoin students received Fulbright fellowships, making the College the number two top producer of Fulbright fellows for bachelor’s institutions.

Dr. Jennifer Adams ’90 Describes Impact of Visit to China Thirty Years Ago

In a short film made for Chinese TV, Adams describes how her fascination with China began at Bowdoin. She is now a doctor of internal medicine in New York City, where she works with the city’s Chinese population.

Nordic Skier Jake Adicoff ’18 Will Compete in 2018 Pyeongchang Paralympics

Jake Adicoff ’18 has been named to the men’s US Paralympics Nordic ski team and will compete in the upcoming Pyeongchang Winter Games from March 9-18. 

Why Boko Haram Insurgents are ‘Slave Raiders,’ and What Can Be Done About It

People in the borderlands between Cameroon and Nigeria commonly refer to the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram as “slave raiders,” Professor of Anthropology Scott MacEachern explains in The Washington Post. “There’s good reason to use that term,” he continues. “In many striking ways, Boko Haram’s raids for ‘wives’ parallel the slave raids of a century ago.”

Nature Moments: Leaf Behavior in the Cold

Have you noticed how some broad-leaved trees and shrubs in the north hold onto their leaves throughout the year, including those freezing winter months? How can these leaves survive such conditions?

One Act by Bowdoin Senior Selected for Maine Playwrights Festival

Bowdoin senior Parker Lemal’Brown’s short play, “Gesundheit,” has been selected for the upcoming Maine Playwrights Festival. After reading the 60-odd submissions this year, the festival committee selected five to be produced at the Portland Stage Company April 26 through May 5.

Mollie Friedlander ’14 Receives Stanford Scholarship for Future Leaders

Mollie Friedlander ’14, of Del Mar, Calif., has been named a Knight-Hennessy Scholar by Stanford University, a new scholarship that emphasizes scholarly success and potential, as well as leadership qualities and a compassionate desire to improve the world.

Tangible Math: Making a Link Between Clean Numbers and a Messy World

“While STEM workers can certainly drive innovation through science alone, imagine how much more innovative they could be if the pool of knowledge they draw on were wider and deeper. That occurs as part of a liberal arts education,” Catherine Roberts ’87 said at a recent campus talk.