International Student Spotlight: Hideyoshi Akai ’19

“I consider Tokyo my home, but I also feel as comfortable in Hawaii because I was there for seven- plus years. When I think of home, I imagine my family members, friends, and the furniture in my house.”

A New Pastime: Bowdoin’s Summer Capture the Flag League

For most young adults, the classic game of capture the flag was left behind on the playground. Student summer residents have decided to buck that trend.

Eating the Invader: Alicia Edwards ’21 Helps Develop Green Crab Fisheries

With funds from the Doherty Coastal Studies Fellowship, Alicia Edwards helps turn the invasive green crab into a new food source.

International Student Spotlight: Ruby Ahaiwe ’21

“I am from Abuja, Nigeria. When I think of home, I remember my family, neighborhood, and market. The time difference is six hours, so it is really tricky to find time to video call or text them, especially when I have a rough day and I need to talk to someone.”

Tony-Winning Tyler Micoleau ’91 Pays Tribute to Bowdoin Education

“I like to say that Bowdoin College is about learning how to learn, and you can apply that skill to so many things,” said Micoleau, in an interview with Broadway World.

Birds, Books, and Neural Networks: a Mathematician’s Perspective on AI

Is it a bird? Is it a book? Is it a matrix? Ask a computer, says Associate Professor of Mathematics Thomas Pietraho, and you’ll probably (but not definitely) get the right answer.

Wines and Vines: Steve Upton’s Summer in a Vineyard

Steve Upton ’20 enters the world of winemaking with the help of Bowdoin’s funded internship program.

Bowdoin Scientist Embarks on Major Ocean-Climate Study

For thirty-seven days this August and September, Bowdoin oceanographer Collin Roesler will live on a 238-foot research vessel in a remote patch of the Gulf of Alaska, 200 miles from shore. With a community of other scientists, she will study the ocean’s army of plankton and bacteria. Though they are tiny, even microscopic, these organisms […]