Bowdoin Art Society Fills Ladd House with Student Art

The Bowdoin Art Society, a student group of 170 artists and art appreciators, opened its annual show in Ladd House Thursday night, the first night of family weekend.


Bowdoin Honors Annual Yellow Shirt Day, Oct. 20

Since 2005, when a speaker came to Bowdoin to advocate against same-sex marriage, students have worn yellow for one day in October. The color commemorates the way students decided to peacefully show their support for the LGBTQ community during Michael Heath’s talk—they all wore yellow to his lecture.


Refugees, Xenophobia, and Modern Germany Are Focus of Bowdoin Embassy Grant

The nationally competitive grant funds a number of events examining xenophobia and the refugee crisis in modern day German-speaking countries.

Students watch the debate

Two Government Professors Discuss the Unprecedented 2016 Election

Before packing into the Helmreich House common room to watch last night’s final presidential debate, students attended a pre-debate panel on the state of the election. Moderator Liam Gunn ’17 started off by asking what makes this election different from previous ones. One professor responded: “This is the most important election that I will ever vote in in my life.”

Chris Gary spoke about his circuitous career path

Producer Chris Gary Offers Career Advice to Bowdoin Students

Chris Gary, the HBO producer who oversaw Game of the Thrones and True Detective, began his talk at Bowdoin Monday night by looking out at the audience and asking, “What do you want to talk about?” In response to cries such as, “How do I get a job?” Gary discussed his circuitous career path and what it takes to make it in the film industry.


Professor Ghodsee Speaks on the Re-emergence of Nationalism in Eastern Europe

The Institute for Advanced Study, where Albert Einstein lived and worked after he fled to the US, recently invited a Bowdoin professor of gender, sexuality, and women’s studies to speak on memory projects about World War II and the Cold War.


Chomsky on ‘Bought’ Elections, ‘Superficial’ Media and Other Threats

The controversial linguistics professor and political commentator took aim at US foreign and domestic policy, describing America as the most white supremacist nation in the world.


The Trial of Galileo: A First-Year History Seminar Re-enactment

In intense discussions, first-year students debated the appropriate punishment for a man who had been accused of heresy for his notions that the earth orbited the sun.

Alumni and Current Players Pose for a Photo after Beating Bates (Photo provided by @bowdoinalumni Instagram)

Volleyball Team, Alumni, and Parents Celebrate Thirty-Year Milestone

On Friday, October 15, and Saturday, October 16, over sixty team members, alumni, parents, and friends celebrated thirty years of Bowdoin Volleyball.


‘This is a Portrait’ Exhibition Described as ‘Witty, Ironic and Excellent’ (Portland Press Herald)

The exhibition is described as “an excellent launching point for thinking about how art works.”

Bob Dylan in Toronto, 1980. Wikimedia Commons

Bowdoin English Faculty Members React to Bob Dylan’s Nobel Literature Prize

We asked some of Bowdoin’s English faculty members to weigh in with their thoughts on the award of the 2016 Nobel Literature prize to Bob Dylan.


Michael Franz Discusses Political Advertising on Television

The presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been described as one unlike any previous campaign; Mike Franz says that’s true of political advertising, as well.


Video: Bowdoin Students Protest Dakota Access Pipeline

As the fight over the Dakota Access pipeline intensifies, several dozen students and other members of the Bowdoin community gathered on campus recently to voice their opposition to the project.


First-Years Examine the Supreme Court and Social Change

The U.S. Supreme Court hands down rulings that affect us all, but does the high court impact social change directly?


Video: Getting Excited About Graduate School

Representatives from a multitude of graduate programs were on hand to offer information to those with postgraduate ambitions.

Harvestfest 2016

Third annual Homecoming Harvestfest draws more than 850 alumni and guests back to campus.

Third annual Homecoming Harvestfest draws more than 850 alumni and guests back to campus.

patrick rael

Bowdoin Historian Tapped as Finalist For Slavery Book Prize

Bowdoin Professor of History Patrick Rael has been selected as one of five finalists for the Harriet Tubman Prize, which honors nonfiction books that examine slavery, the slave trade, or anti-slavery movements in the Atlantic World.

Lion feat

Friedman P’15, P’20; Garcia-Moreno ’81, P’17 Elected to Board of Trustees

The Bowdoin College Board of Trustees elected two new members and recognized the contributions of a longstanding member with emeritus status during meetings held October 6-8, 2016, on campus.


Slideshow: Bowdoin Celebrates 2016 Homecoming

Bowdoin welcomed all alumni, family members, and their guests to campus this weekend to attend Homecoming. The days were filled with sports and social events, including a Harvestfest on Dudley Coe Quad, with live music by Jerks of Grass, lawn games, and Maine craft beer.


Admiral Papp Gets All Dolled Up for Sail on Schooner Bowdoin

Admiral Robert Papp, USCG (Ret.), the State Department’s Special Representative for the Arctic, had some fun on the way to the Senior Arctic Officials meeting of the Arctic Council with an excursion on the Schooner Bowdoin — accompanied by the globe-trotting Peary and Henson dolls.