Bowdoin’s Chryl Laird on Why Black Voter Turnout Dropped in 2016

“Some have attributed the decline in black turnout to voter suppression tactics” by the GOP, while others have “simplistically pointed to the absence of the first black president on the ballot.” The real reason, said Laird, is more complicated.

A Cautionary Tale About Addiction from Bill Williams ’69

Williams reflects on the death of his twenty-four year old son in 2012 from an accidental heroin overdose, and how his story should be told today to a much younger generation.

Columbia’s Teachers College Praises ‘Skilled Researcher’ Chanwoong Baek ’12

Columbia University Teachers College Praises PhD candidate Baek for his skills as a researcher and an explainer.

MacEachern Book Studies Origins of Boko Haram

“The book stresses how Boko Haram is really a local group with deep historical roots in the region, rather than a straightforward, off-the-shelf, Al Qaeda ‘franchise,’ which is how it’s often described.”

50 Years After the Loss of MLK, Bowdoin Remembers His Historic Visit to Campus

While the King Center in Atlanta, Georgia, holds the copyright to the speech Dr. Martin Luther King made in 1964 at Bowdoin, the College has permission to make the audio available online in conjunction with occasions such as the observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month.

Author Neil Olson ’86 on Being Both a Publisher and a Novelist

For more than three decades Olson has worked for a reputable New York literary agency (Donadio & Olson), where he has been a partner since 1996. He is also an acclaimed writer whose latest novel is enjoying positive reviews.

Reed Named Senior Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity at Bowdoin College

Working closely with Bowdoin President Clayton Rose, Reed will be responsible for building on efforts already underway at the College to produce an even more inclusive campus community while promoting greater diversity among students, faculty, and staff by race, ethnicity, religion, economic background, first-generation college student status, gender, sexuality, disability, and differing political perspectives, among other measures.

David Bernstein ’13 Named Fulbright Alumni Ambassador

The New Year is off to a bright start for David Bernstein ’13. The economics major and anthropology minor has been selected to serve as a Fulbright Alumni Ambassador—one of nineteen former Fulbright scholars honored in such a way across the country.