Inaugural Maine Jewish Hall of Fame Includes Bowdoin Alumni and Friends

Among those inducted were members of the Osher family, including cardiologist Harold Osher ’44 and his businessman brother Bernard, class of 1948, both of whom are also prominent philanthropists. Harold Osher attended the event to accept the honor of behalf of the family.

Bowdoin Outing Club Throws Open its Doors to the Outdoors, for Everyone

“We want to break down barriers to entry, and figure out what would convince someone to come,” Director of Student Activities Nate Hintz said.

From Audio to Visual: Music Lecturer Showcases Computer-Generated Art

“I am fascinated by the creative potentials of generative systems and I depend on being surprised by the traces they leave,” says Frank Mauceri. “I am often inspired by musical processes and processes of human interaction.” His work is on display at UMA’s Danforth gallery until November 7.

2018 Family Weekend: Symposium to Celebrate Student Research and Creativity

We have briefly described three student projects—in politics, marine biology, and theater/computer science—that will be part of the student research symposium Friday, where the full breadth of the liberal arts will be on display.

Renowned German Author Bernhard Schlink Visits Bowdoin

Assistant Professor of German Jens Elias Klenner praised Schlink’s introspective novel’s ability to “ask us to read again, more than once slowly,” and “to serve as a looking glass into a troubled times.”

Bowdoin Orchestra Attracts Record Numbers of Students

The ensemble is now “bigger than ever” as more students are involved with music on campus. “We’re already thinking about Mahler,” says director George Lopez.

From Brazilian Slums to Bowdoin College: Sophomore Gives Back

Having suffered hardships himself, Juan Magalhães ’21 is giving back through community service. He’s currently raising money for a school improvement project in Thailand.

Live-streaming Event: Bowdoin College, the Liberal Arts, and the Path to a Career in Anything in Houston Oct. 21

The event, Bowdoin College, the Liberal Arts, and the Path to a Career in Anything, takes place Sunday, October 21, 2018, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the JW Marriott in Houston, Texas, and will be live-streamed at