Remembering San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee ’74

Edwin Lee ’74, a civil rights lawyer who became the first Asian-American elected mayor of San Francisco, died Tuesday, December 12, 2017. He was 65. Lee was profiled in the fall 2013 issue of Bowdoin Magazine in a cover story written by Andy Serwer ’81, a College trustee and editor-in-chief at Yahoo Finance.

Maine Youth Rock Orchestra Performs Arrangements by Sam Kyzivat ’18

Senior Sam Kyzivat’s compositional labors came to life recently when thirteen of the fourteen pieces he arranged were performed by the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra when it played a big folk concert at the Portland House of Music and Events.

Why Nobel Peace Prize Winner ICAN Is Unlikely to Mean Fewer Nukes

Writing in The Washington Post, visiting government professor Rebecca Gibbons says that while the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons has done important work, it is unlikely to persuade the US and her NATO allies to cut back their nuclear arsenals.

Bowdoin Bakes and Builds for National Gingerbread House Day

Tuesday December 12, 2017, is national Gingerbread House Day—as if you needed reminding! In preparation for this momentous occasion, and to compete in Desserts in December event,  a group of student bakers got together over the weekend.

Nature Moments: A Closer Look at Moss

They’re elegant and they’re everywhere, says biology professor Nat Wheelwright, who takes a closer look at mosses in his latest Nature Moments video.

Jennifer Scanlon Discusses Sexual Harrassment on Maine Public Radio

Scanlon points out that the first real generation of ‘silence-breakers’ was in the 1970s, when several groups of women brought public attention to the issue of sexual harrassment in the workplace.

Prof. Rebecca Gibbons Discusses Nuclear Proliferation on UK Islamic Radio Station

Government professor Gibbons was a guest on the UK’s Voice of Islam radio station on December 6, 2017, when host Hanif Khan spoke to her about nuclear proliferation and issues surrounding the proposed global ban on nuclear weapons.

Visit by Activist DeRay Mckesson ’07 Caps Off Month of ‘No Hate’ at Bowdoin

Before he began his talk, DeRay Mckesson reflected on Bowdoin. “I think about Bowdoin as a place where I fell in love with my mind,” he told the students who had packed Morrell Lounge to hear him. “[It was] a place where I learned what it meant to dream and believe and imagine, and those in so many ways are the key skills to what it means to organize.”