32-Year Kayaking Odyssey Comes to an End for Michael Perry ’74

Michael Perry ’74 finished his circumnavigation of New England by kayak as he and three fellow adventurers paddled around the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.

Fall Fest: Practicing Sustainability the Fun Way

“This is a community building event around sustainability,” said organizer Martha Boben ’19. The event featured local pumpkins, apples, and cider, as well as live music.

Artist Sharon Hayes ’92 Talks to PBS About Public Art Project in Philadelphia

A public art project in Philadelphia called Monument Lab aims to foster a citywide conversation about the role of art in public spaces. The project features temporary monuments installed by twenty artists in ten public spaces across the city.

Monkey Cage Wraps up Rudalevige’s ‘Founding Principles’ Series of Civics Lessons

In the fifteenth and final episode, Rudalevige said for the US system of democratic government to survive, “all of us need to live up to the challenges of self-governance.

Like Butter? Bowdoin’s Rudalevige: ‘Candidate Trump Attacked Obama’s Executive Orders. President Trump Loves Executive Orders.’

Andrew Rudalevige provides analysis of “the buttery goodness known as ‘the administrative presidency'” in the wake of President Trump’s having signed a boatload of executive orders after criticizing President Obama for signing them “like they’re butter.”

FinTech Meetup in New York City Draws a Crowd of CBB Alumni

Last month Bowdoin hosted a FinTech Meetup for Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin alumni in the Financial Services Technology industry. This event built on the annual Tech Meetup events that have taken place in New York City for several years. Guests enjoyed the opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow CBB alumni before the program. An alumni panel titled The Future of Finance and Leveraging your Liberal Arts Degree featured prominent alumni from the three Colleges.

Benfy ’16 Curates Group Exhibition with Other Bowdoin Connections

Artist Nick Benfy ’16 has curated a show that may jog your memory a bit, and it includes works from other artists you may have heard mentioned around campus.

Nature Moment: Swimming with Leeches

“I used to be afraid of leeches until I tried a simple experiment which showed that they much prefer frogs,” said biology professor Nat Wheelwright. “Now I’d much rather swim in a natural pond than a sterile chlorinated pool.”