Our Original “Nanook”

Explorer Donald B. MacMillan, Class of 1898, delivered the following talk at Bowdoin’s Commencement Dinner on June 20, 1918.

Cucumber Pimm’s Cup

A refreshing summer cocktail from Dining’s Adeena Fisher.

Professor’s Tweet about Trump Executive Order Inspires Late-Night Joke

Comedian Stephen Colbert found some dark humor in a contradiction that Bowdoin government professor Andrew Rudalevige recently identified.

The Poetic Possibilities of Snail Research

The Bowdoin Marine Science Semester launched four years ago with large ambitions for enriching student’s education with research in the field. Since then, molecular ecologist Sarah Kingston — one of the program’s fulltime faculty — has been hatching excitement among her students about tiny things, from the DNA of blue mussels to the muscular feet […]

‘Champions of Access and Success’ Convene at Bowdoin

High school counselors, college admissions staff, deans, financial aid advisors and many others who help talented low-income students gain admission into colleges or universities, and help them to thrive there, gathered at Bowdoin this week to share their knowledge and make connections.

Nature Moments: Color and Communication in Turtles

Animals like painted turtles use different parts of their bodies to send distinct messages. Backs and bellies are designed to mislead predators, while faces, with their fine details, advertise a turtle’s identity and quality to nearby competitors and mates.

Students Share Class Research into Race, Higher Education, and Bowdoin

In their fall sociology class, Diversity in Higher Education, students not only looked at racial issues at U.S. universities generally, but also collaborated on a final research project to investigate race specifically on Bowdoin’s campus.

18 Students Win Fulbrights to Teach or Research Abroad

This year, eighteen Bowdoin students from the class of 2018 have received Fulbright Fellowships to live abroad for one year — in Indonesia, Taiwan, Nepal, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, or Malaysia.