International Student Spotlight: Shinhee Kang ’18

“I miss the cacophonous sound of the Busan dialect that rings throughout the Jagalchi fish market, and the labyrinth of Shikumen alleyways in Shanghai with lines of washing hung high between buildings.”

Mellon Graduates Return to Bowdoin to ‘Pay it Forward’

“There is a sense of paying it forward,” Kris Klein Hernandez said, explaining his loyalty to the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program. Golden Owens said her commitment comes from her belief in “the power of what the program can do.” She continued, “It is built and designed to ensure these students come away with a sense of their academic selves and what they can accomplish.”

Internship Takes Genevieve Anderle ’19 to Cutting Edge of Psychological Research

As part of a community initiative in Philadelphia, summer intern works with pioneers of cognitive behavorial therapy to learn more about mental health research and treatment.

Author For The Summer: Dakota Griffin ’19 Writes A Fantasy Novel

Dakota Griffin, an English major and recipient of a Bowdoin summer grant has devoted her summer to crafting a fantasy novel.

Audio: Why Comedy Is a Matter of Survival

Comedy, as a force, is as powerful as tragedy, says theater professor Davis Robinson.

Excerpt from Dakota Griffin’s novel-in-progress

Trial and error told him one batch of dirt was a five-gallon bucket, which made one gram of gold and required a thirty-minute nap to recuperate before the next batch. If there was a formula to determine base material to gold ratios, Victor didn’t know it. He doubted anyone did, since he was apparently the […]

Bowdoin Fellows and Funded Interns Get the Most Out of Summer

Bowdoin College has over the years addressed the conundrum of unpaid summer internships for college students by increasing the number of fellowships and grants it provides, on a competitive basis, to students to ensure they can pursue the opportunities they want without worrying about money.

Yijie Sun ’19 Takes a Bayesian Approach to Urban Rental Markets

After combing through many published econometric analyses of urban rent markets, Yijie Sun ’19 and her advisor, Associate Professor of Mathematics Jack O’Brien, decided they could examine the problem of maintaining affordable rental markets in a unique way, potentially using a combination of agent-based modeling and Bayesian statistics to suggest a solution.