Looking Behind Memento Mori Objects: ‘Artnet’ Reviews ‘Unique’ Bowdoin Exhibition

The Bowdoin art museum’s “Ivory MIrror” show, examines how mortality played into Renaissance culture. This macabre genre, with its portrayal of decaying corpses, skulls and skeletons, is described by the reviewer as “oft-misunderstood.”

Visiting Artist Titus Kaphar Rediscovers the Joy of Printmaking

The renowned painter used printing techniques and collaborated with poet Reginald Dwayne Betts to produce a series of politically charged portraits aimed at highlighting flaws in the criminal justice system.

Can Geometry Fix Partisan Gerrymandering?

A mathematician and a political scientist joined forces this week to give a two-part talk at Bowdoin about gerrymandering, which is the practice of redrawing congressional districts to help ensure partisan outcomes. Though gerrymandering lands squarely in the political realm, math has always played a big role in congressional districting. Math determines how the U.S. […]

Anu Asaolu ’19: A Student’s Journey from Nigeria to Bowdoin

In local writer David Treadwell’s essay about Anu Asaolu, he writes: “Some people give you hope for humanity, a cause to celebrate, a reason to smile. Meet Bowdoin College junior Anu Asaolu.”

Alumni Attend Bowdoin Invitational Golf Tournament to Support Student Internship Funds

On September 12, over 100 golfers enjoyed a gorgeous day at scenic Essex County Club in Manchester, Massachusetts, for the Bowdoin Invitational Golf Tournament.

‘Why Draw?’ Bowdoin Art Museum’s Recently Concluded Exhibition Draws Glowing Praise

‘New York Arts’ journal says the exhibition and its catalogue “bring home the vastness and multiplicity of the art of drawing—its lack of limitations.”

Seal Rehab to Earthquake Relief: What Funded Interns Did Last Summer

With an audience of career planning advisors, selection committee members, and many of their peers, one might assume that a recent dinner to recognize student fellows risked stodginess or reluctant small talk. But voices were raised to the room’s high, paneled ceiling as the students chatted about the last few months to tablemates. The dinner, organized […]

The Twin Tragedies of Myanmar

Asia expert Brad Babson reflects on the crisis in Myanmar. Babson will be teaching a course at Bowdoin next semester on the geopolitics of northeast Asia.